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THIS WEEK: Nov. 2 – 8

By on November 2, 2014

Pickaxe Celebration artwork auction begins, the Junior League Christmas Fair and the Centennial Photo Contest Exhibit opening are all part of events happening this week in the Centennial Celebration.

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UTEP Centennial Pickaxe Auction Begins Nov. 3

By on October 31, 2014

The UTEP Centennial Pickaxe auction begins Nov. 3.

Centennial Stories – Pickaxe Celebration

By on March 12, 2014

"Art has the power to reflect our surroundings, but also has the power to change our environment." - Margarita Cabrera, Artist

UTEP Headlines

By on January 31, 2014

Centennial pickaxe art, an exhibit in the airport, and a Centennial Lecture.

Local Artists Reveal Centennial Pickaxe Creations

By on January 30, 2014

Twelve local artists unveil their pickaxes dedicated to UTEP.

Original Pickaxe Art by Local Artists Unveiled

By on January 27, 2014

Local artists unveil their five-foot pickaxe sculptures honoring UTEP.

Sneak Peak at Pickaxe Art

By on January 24, 2014

From GECU’s Facebook Page The completed art will be unveiled on Monday!

Original Pickaxe Art by Local Artists to Be Unveiled

By on January 24, 2014

Unveiling of original pickaxe pieces by 12 acclaimed local artists.

Centennial Newsletter 2.7 (October 2013)

By on October 31, 2013

This issue is filled with wonder . . . from the music of Bhutan to the to the magic of the Christmas Fair. It’s Day 62 of the Countdown to 2014. Happy Halloween. Centennial Newsletter 2.7 (October 2013)

Noted Artists Selected to Create Pickaxe Pieces for UTEP Centennial

By on October 10, 2013

By Lisa Y. Garibay UTEP News Service When does a pickaxe become an artist’s canvas? About once every 100 years—at least in UTEP’s case. A bevy of acclaimed local artists are pitching in for the Centennial Celebration with their talents,