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School of Mines Campus, 1920

Architecture Tours Offer Insight into UTEP’s Bhutanese Style

By on January 16, 2014

The architecture tour is the first in a yearlong series of new, themed walking tours of campus offering the public an intimate look at different segments of the University.

School of Mines Campus, 1920

Architecture inspired by Himalayan country

By on January 12, 2014

Nearly all of the university's 97 buildings are characterized by high inward sloping walls and flared rooftops, which resemble the structures throughout Bhutan's rugged mountain terrain.

Courtesy: Science Daily

Day 14: UTEP’s Global Reality

By on December 18, 2013

Today is Day 14 in the Countdown to UTEP’s Centennial Year. When the Texas School of Mines opened its doors in 1914, little did anyone in the community know that the school which would become the University of Texas at

Day 83: Get your Centennial Queso

By on October 10, 2013

Today is Day 83 in the Countdown to UTEP’s Centennial Year. Chile Con Queso is a popular snack here in the borderland, but did you know the Kingdom of Bhutan with which UTEP shares a special relationship with has its

Day 87: UTEP in Bhutan

By on October 6, 2013

Today is Day 87 in the Countdown to UTEP’s Centennial Year. Thirty-three UTEP representatives – students, faculty and staff – will travel to the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, nestled between China and India, for nearly three weeks beginning Sunday, Sept. 29.

NEW! Centenario Salsa Product Line

By on October 4, 2013

Three new products designed exclusively for UTEP’s Centennial Celebration capture the “taste” of our rich heritage and unique setting. The Centenario Salsa Product Line features delicious salsa, chile con queso, and bean dip, each made from the finest, all natural

Day 98: The story behind the UTEP’s Bhutanese architecture

By on September 25, 2013

The architecture at the University of Texas at El Paso is unlike any other.  When it came time to design the buildings for the Texas School of Mines, the Dean’s wife, Kathleen Worrell, recommended the fascinating architecture of the kingdom

1966 Promotional Video

By on March 5, 2013

“Naturally, we are happy and proud to have won the NCAA basketball championship,” declares Texas Western College president Joseph M. Ray, “but the achievements which should offer us the greatest satisfaction are those which pertain to academic excellence.” In short,

The Symbolism Behind UTEP’s Bhutanese Architecture

By on May 29, 2012

While the Bhutanese architectural influence is easily identified on UTEP’s campus, the symbolism behind the characteristic features may be less well known.  Buddhism, the dominant religion in Bhutan has influenced style and design features of Bhutanese buildings. These features found