FROM KVIA: UTEP Centennial celebration continues

By on December 3, 2014

By Nichole Gomez, Nichole Gomez, StormTracker,

El Paso,Tx- Some people think history is boring but UTEP students have found a way to make it exciting.

Students getting ready for their final exams participated in exercise designed to help them relax and take a break from all that studying. They launched the Centennial time capsule, which will document all of the changes on campus.

 The Centennial time capsule showcase took place at the Centennial Museum Wednesday afternoon where students, UTEP cheerleaders and Paydirt Pete participated.

They enjoyed cake and punch while admiring some of the historical items that will be included in the time capsule,that includes a poster featuring the greatest athletes in school history.

Yolanda Tiemann — the President of the UTEP student time capsule project — explains why this is so important:

“It’s about showing all of the different aspects of UTEP why UTEP is special and why students need to care and in 25 years Why those people will care too. We’ve been working really hard at everything for the time capsule to really show UTEP spirit and pride to UTEP students”.

The University plans to bury the time capsule in Spring 2015.

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