Crews Prepare Centennial Plaza for Digging During Winter Break

By on December 9, 2014

Contractors are preparing the land around Centennial Plaza for additional projects – big and small – scheduled during winter break. The work will lead to additional underground duct work between Old Main and the Psychology Building. The ducts will house electric, telephone, hot water and wi-fi lines.

Other crews will be checking the pedestrian pathways around Old Main and Quinn, Graham, Prospect and Vowell halls to make sure they are accessible when the fences are moved inward sometime after Monday, Dec. 15. Additional workers will be surveying the area to make sure of the plotting for utility lines and tree wells for digging that will occur during the break.

Around the same time, heavy machinery will be used to dig out the retention ponds for the two fountains that will be set near the corner of University Avenue and Hawthorne Street.

Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre / UTEP News Service

Published at on 12/9/14

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