The Woman Haters Club

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The tradition of Greek organizations at UTEP began in 1919. Over the decades a great number of fraternities have sprung up and died out, but the tradition still holds. In the 1930’s, several clubs “unlike any traditional fraternities” were organized. These unique fraternities were typically short lived, lasting no more than a few years. One such fraternity was the “Woman Haters Club” most likely founded in 1932. The first of only a few references to the club comes from the 1932 Flowsheet. The yearbook gave the club two full pages. The first page is a club picture and list of membership. The light-hearted humor and camaraderie of the group of young men is evident through the use nicknames given to each of the members. Nicknames like Ducky, Life Bouy, and One Shot, depict a group of mining and science students devoted to more than just their studies. The group photo shows two honorary members, wooden barrels listed as C6H5OH (Phenol), and CH3OH (Methanol).

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The following page reveals a tongue-in-cheek diatribe about the club’s foundation and goals. Unlike their “Our Gang” originators, the club was more dedicated to the “bootlegging and home brewing that are so necessary to human welfare” than to the actual hating of women. Even so, the last part of the pledge that all the boys took involved sworn oaths “to forever hate women (certain kinds, not specified herein) with all possible violence.” The off color humor continues as the group thanks its faculty sponsors “the illustrious Dr. Sonnichsen” and “well known authority, Dr. B.U.L. Conner.” Aside from humorous remarks and the obvious idolatry of alcohol, the Woman Haters Club appeared to be a science and mining  version of the “Dead Poet’s Society” where members come to drink and crack jokes that only other members can understand. “The Woman Hater’s Club” members were intensely involved with other groups and campus organizations. For example, member Paul Hutchins (otherwise known as ½-Wit Lilacs) was the managing editor of The Prospector, a member of “The College Player’s, and “The DeMolays.”

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The Flowsheet 1932

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