A New Miner Tradition – The Legacy of the student Time Capsule

By on October 25, 2014

By Esther Zapata

Students of the Centennial are pushing through and close to the end of their hard work for this semester.  The Students of the Centennial are organizing the only student driven Centennial Celebration to commemorate the burial of a Time Capsule meant to capture the spirit of UTEP students.

The Time Capsule was originally meant to be opened in 2114, but that is no longer the case.  Upon hearing of the 125th-year celebration hosted by UTEP, Students of the Centennial have reprogrammed their efforts.

On October 21st of this year, the leaders of Students of the Centennial agreed that the Student Time Capsule will be opened on December 2039.  They want to celebrate UTEP by opening the relics vesseled within the Time Capsule at the 25 year mark. These items will then be showcased for the next generations to admire.  The legacy of The Students of the Centennial will live through the next generation of leaders who will contribute new items to the 2014 Time Capsule. Students of the Centennial want the burial of the Time Capsule to become a new Miner Tradition as the next generation celebrates their legacy at UTEP.

Leonardo Villalobos Gamboa, Junior in Communication who is currently documenting all of the efforts of the Students of the Centennial explains, “The revolving time capsule continues to tell the story of the student spirit to all generations.  This is communication through generations that never stops.”

The Time Capsule will include selfies from students posing with the artistic renditions of the 2014 Burros created by the UTEP Art Department. There are three Burros around campus and with the help of hints released exclusively on social media, students are out on the hunt to locate the burros and uploaded their selfies with the hashtag #CaptureABurro.  All pictures collected will be digitally stored in an external flash drive and showcased on December the 3rd at the Centennial Museum.

To get this week’s written hint, follow us on facebook.com/centennialtimecapsule and for visual clues go to instagram.com/centennialtimecapsule. For more information about Students of the Centennial, contact:UTEPTimeCapsule@gmail.com




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