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#CaptureABurro game kicks off Today!

By on October 20, 2014

Capure a Burro[by Esther Zapata]

Students of the Centennial kick off #CaptureABurro today, a game designed to create more awareness about the Student Time Capsule which will be showcased on December 3 at the Centennial Museum.  The game consists of students finding the Burros and taking a “selfies” with the Burro cut-out. They then upload this picture to Instagram and/or Facebook with the tag #CaptureABurro. (Don’t forget it must be >public< for others to see it.) The referees/sponsors of Students of the Centennial will go through all the tags each week and for every 10 “Likes” a picture receives, on either social networking site, submit a drawing form in the contributing person’s name for weekly prizes or the grand prize drawing.

#CaptureABurro is an attempt to get more student involvement in the Time Capsule Project, the only student organized grassroots centennial celebration on campus.  Capturing the spirit of the students will become tangible by the addition of the pictures submitted into the Student Time Capsule which will later be buried on campus in an appropriate location with a plaque.  The students of this centennial will be projecting their voices, actions and images 100 years into the future for the next centennial celebration.

The faculty sponsor of Students of the Centennial explains the meaning behind #CaptureABurro. “The Burro, as the original mascot on the shield of the West Texas Mining School is a great metaphor for student engagement and participation. It has been great fun to work with several departments in designing the game and putting it out there.  It is a great example of media fusion, the cross over between real world and virtual networks,” said Dr. Martina Myers, UTEP Department of Communication.

The rules to the game are simple:

You have to find that Burro on campus before you can snap your selfie.  The burros can be found on various parts of campus including at the entrance of some athletic games.  There is no entry fee. Find one of the three Burros, capture a selfie with it and upload it to social media with #CaptureABurro.

Enter for a chance to win weekly prizes like UTEP gear and enter the grand prize drawing, which will be held at the Showcase on Dec. 3. The grand prize drawing will include gift baskets from different UTEP departments valued to upwards of $100 dollars. Members of the Leadership Team and the Burro Team of the Students of the Centennial are not allowed to participate or win prizes. Only currently enrolled students are qualified to win. Good luck!

For more information or to reserve one of the Burros for a campus event please contact


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