From KTSM: Thousands run to support the Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation

By on May 18, 2014

Thousands run to support the Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation

Braden Aboud died in a skiing accident in Ruidoso in 2008. Following his death, the Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation was created to promote fitness in youth across El Paso.

The annual walk was started by Braden’s friends after his death.
What started off as a small walk of about 1,000, has now turned into an event for the whole community.

“It’s a little bit ridiculous. I mean, I’m sure if my brother was here he would wonder why and how and what’s going on,” said Avery Aboud, Braden’s sister.

“This is a great family event. We come every year. My wife walks with our daughters and I’m going to run for the first time with my son,” said Manny Romero, an annual participant in the race.

And for some, this was their first.
Sophia, a second grader, had high hopes going into the three mile run.

“I’m excited and a little bit nervous..lots of my friends are doing it and I’m really excited and happy,” Sophia said.

All the proceeds from the race go back to the youth in El Paso, in the form of scholarships and various programs.

“It’s just becoming something bigger than we imagined,” Aboud said.

For more information on the Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation, visit their website.

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