From the Campbell Building

By on March 29, 2012

A box of photographs, newspaper clippings, and reports together with several framed portraits were discovered by Merced Sierra in the Campbell Building. The photographs depict the building in various states of construction and renovation and the portraits capture the faces of former deans and donors.

The Campbell Building bears a unique place in UTEP’s history. Constructed in 1967, the building originally functioned as an independent Hotel Dieu School of Nursing operated by the Daughters of Charity. Four years later, the facility was transferred to the UT System and Sister Aloysius became the first dean of the UT System School of Nursing. In 1976, the school blended into UTEP, prompting a series of internal realignments over several years that eventually resulted in today’s college of Health Sciences and school of Nursing.

In 1979 the (then-united) College of Nursing and Health Sciences received a one million dollar grant from the Kellogg Foundation (a six million dollar grant followed in 1990). The year 1992 witnessed intense growth with the creation of programs in occupational therapy, physical therapy, women’s health care, nurse practitioner, and nursing administration (MS). Today the two units are headquartered in the new Health Sciences and Nursing Building and offer over a dozen different degrees.

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