El Paso Pro Musica

El Paso Pro-Musica Salutes UTEP with Entertaining Tribute

By on January 28, 2014


(l-r) Meyers, Bailey, Dousa, and Kapilow

Tonight El Paso Pro-Musica paid tribute to UTEP with an entertaining national performer and a special recognition of Miner faculty.

The concert featured NPR’s Rob Kapilow in a thrilling, measure-by-measure deconstruction of Beethoven’s”Piano Trio in B Flat Major, Op. 97″ in which he pointed out how the music was put together and, indeed, “What Makes It Great.” Kapilow’s explanations were illustrated through the performance of UTEP faculty members Zuill Bailey (cello), Stephanie Meyers (violin), and Dominic Dousa (piano). After the instructional breakdown, the artists performed the entire piece for an audience newly educated and more deeply appreciative.

Kapilow paid tribute to Beethoven’s greatness in words that could rightly describe the experience of many UTEP students. “Beethoven is not so much concerned with what things are,” Kapilow explained, “as he is with what they can be.” Continuing, “Where you start may be a given. Where you end up, is up to you.”

Before the concert, Professors Bailey, Meyers, and Dousa talked about their experiences at UTEP and fielded questions from the audience.

Keith A. Erekson served as the Executive Director of UTEP's Centennial Celebration from December 2011 through May 2014. Learn more at keitherekson.com.