El Paso Pro Musica

Bach’s Lunch by El Paso Pro-Musica

By on January 30, 2014

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Today El Paso Pro-Musica hosted a “Bach’s Lunch” concert in honor of UTEP at the El Paso Museum of Art. Performers included UTEP faculty members Stephanie Meyers (violin, viola) and Erik Unsworth (bass) along with students Erick Rios, Hector Olea, and Christian Chesanek (bass) and James Carney, Nathan Black, Michael Way, Josh Goldstein, Stephanie Zitkovich, Jewell Crye (cello), and Hector Landa (piano).

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Keith A. Erekson served as the Executive Director of UTEP's Centennial Celebration from December 2011 through May 2014. Learn more at keitherekson.com.