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30 Hours on a Plane

By on October 1, 2013

We did a lot of sitting on planes today, but we made it to Bangkok safe and sound with no problems. In addition to ourselves — 31 UTEP students, faculty and staff who arrived safely — we also had instruments, props, costumes, opera programs and other gear in addition to our clothes, personal electronics, toothbrushes and passports.

The biggest, and most obvious extra piece of baggage is “Cello Black,” shown here with it’s owner, Nathan Black.

Cello Black has traveled on planes before, but this was its first international flight.We also had a suitcase full of props, as well as costume shoes, makeup, and hair accessories for the opera. UTEP faculty member Don Wilkinson brought a harpsichord maintenance kit, an extra oboe and dozens of extra reeds.

And that’s still not all. Between our group and other groups that will meet in Bhutan in the next few days, we are transporting microphones, wireless mics and belt packs, speaker parts, cable connectors, distribution amplifiers and cameras. We also shipped costumes and a harpsichord in a custom crate built by Dr. Wilkinson.

To put on an opera in a country that has never experienced an opera before, you have to bring everything with you.

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Jenn Crawford is the director of editorial services for UTEP's University Communications Office.