Two Departmental Histories

By on March 5, 2012

Last week Dr. John Wiebe shared with me two written histories from his personal files–one by Randolph H. Whitworth about the Psychology Department and the other by John O. West about the English Department.

In three pages, Whitworth’s history of the Psychology Department covers most of the basic facts through about 1991–founding, degrees offered, persons who served as chair, faculty members, locations of faculty offices. It ends with the hope (now realized) of beginning a doctoral program.

West’s piece weighs in at 14 pages and was prepared in 1993 and updated in 1997. It traces the history of English courses, through their absence from catalogs of the early mining school to their addition during the city college years to the eventual establishment of an English Department in the 1940s. West included reminiscences from English faculty and students and connects developments on campus with nationwide trends. Cover photograph by Lucy F. West.

Thank you, John, for sharing! It makes me wonder what other treasures are hiding around campus . . .

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