Day 62: Ghosts on Campus

By on October 31, 2013

Today is Day 62 in the Countdown to UTEP’s Centennial Year.

El Paso has its share of haunted sites, and UTEP is no different.

Seamon Hall, now the Rubin Center, allegedly is home to the ghost of a young pregnant woman who was murdered and then buried there with her unborn child.  Some custodians working odd hours have reported seeing a ghostly 1930’s vintage vehicle dropping off a woman in front of the building.

Another story also has Seamon Hall housing a ghostly janitor who is protecting a hidden stash of money.

Cotton Memorial also has its ghost stories.  Dead janitors and murdered women also are also supposedly haunting this building, sometimes peering through the windows.

Old Main, the oldest building on campus dating back to 1917, naturally has its ghost tales, also.

Many faculty, staff, and students on campus working late into the evening have experienced witnessing ghostly visions, footsteps, banging doors, or distant screams.

What experience have you had with ghosts on campus? Leave your comments below.

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Jessica Molinar Muñoz is the director of communications for UTEP's Centennial Office.