Opera Bhutan Presents: An Evening of Music and Dance

By on January 14, 2014


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Enjoy a magical evening that blends Bhutanese music, dance and other cultural elements with Handel’s “Acis and Galatea” – the first Western opera ever performed in the mountain Kingdom of Bhutan.

Celebrating UTEP’s century of connection with the Land of the Thunder Dragon, this international collaboration includes world-class dancers, vocalists, and talented music students from UTEP who will enchant and delight the audience during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Opera Bhutan: Acis and Galatea is an unprecedented international production that unites performers from around the world in a once-in-a-lifetime performance that incorporates elements of song, dance, instrumentation and visual arts from Western opera and eastern musical storytelling of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Acis and Galatea

George Frideric Handel’s operaOpera Bhutan Acis and Galatea Acis and Galatea is a love story from Greek Mythology that emphasizes love and virtue, tragedy and transformation, transcendence and triumph. This setting of the opera is the first opera in the world to incorporate Bhutanese dance and cultural elements to create a brand new form of expression. Opera is a foreign concept to the Bhutanese people, who have remained geographically and culturally isolated from the rest of the world until very recently. In 1999, Bhutan became the last country in the world to legalize television. Read about this world premiere performance on the Centennial Blog.

Opera Bhutan

Opera Bhutan unites UTEP students, faculty, and staff with Bhutanese dancers as well as artists from around the world, including Italy, Cameroon, Canada, Australia and the United States. It is a collaboration between The University of Texas at El Paso, the El Paso Opera, the Royal Government of Bhutan, Bhutan’s Royal Academy of Performing Arts, and Bhutan’s Royal Textile Academy.

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